Kawasaki 450/250 Rear Disc Guard-Black

Ares Manufacturing has created a top tier rear disc guard that is an essential for any rider. Utilizing the strength and stability of the swing-arm paired with a three-piece design we have strength and convenience covered.

Machined out of high quality 6061 aluminum the disc guard offers guaranteed protection to the rear brake rotor from branches, rocks and other debris. It's designed to take high impact at an upward force by sending the impact into the swingarm. 

The installation is incredibly easy and will only take you one minute, making tire changes an easier process. 

The three-piece design allows you to customize and replace parts easily.

  • 6061 Aluminum body- tensile strength of 290mpa (42,000psi)
  • Anodized body- prevents oxidation and staining
  • 3 piece design- offers customizable color options and easy replacement parts.
  • Customizable inlaid stickers

Kawasaki 450/250 Rear Disc Guard-Black

SKU: KX1B000641
  • Fits Kawasaki Models:

    • 2021/20/19/18/17 KX 250F
    • 2021/20/19/18/17/16 KX 450F

    -Part comes assembled ready to install in USA.

    -Assembly required with International shipping.

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